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our products are efficient

be efficient – in our philosophy, efficiency is all-important. This means we appreciate that our customers can save energy and money with our products. It also means we are always ready to deliver the products you ordered, even in large quantities. Quickly and reliably


EffiTech Plug-In System

The is a new, innovative Type of connection with which you can basically forget about costly welding of formed parts with Pipes. The patented system even makes it possible to connect different materials. A hybrid connecting system of this Type offers the advantage, for example, of being able to connect an existing metal Pipeline with a flow-optimised exhaust hood made of plastic. In practice, the new system means a maximum of flexibility, using personnel without having to have special qualified know-how, a drastic reduction in installation time and a very wide spectrum of areas of use. And all of that without tools, gluing or welding.


To see our complete product range with prices, simply download our current price list. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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